20090706 LAN @ NYC 003

Sea Urchin Scrambled Egg with Sturgeon Caviar

This Christmas I received the book Never Order Chicken on a Monday from a Secret  Santa who accompanied his gift with a note encouraging me to explore my true calling  as a gourmet. Six months down the line, I realise how certain seemingly minor incidents can turn out to be life-defining. From its beginning as a Facebook album to its current incarnation as a blog, Really Good Food has become a central part of my identity in a way that my sixteen year-old, picky eater self would never have imagined. Nowadays not only do I never order chicken on mondays; I never order chicken period. While I admit that there is a certain element of “trophy hunting” in my persistant consumption and photography of exotic foods, I’ve found that choosing something “adventurous” and being pleasantly surprised, or even blown away is a welcome thrill that I’ve experienced on almost a daily basis since becoming a fully committed omnivore. Sea urchin both looks and sounds like something to be approached with apprehension, but I assure you that at LAN the brave are well-rewarded.

Details: 56 3rd Ave (bet 10th & 11th) New York, NY (+1 212-254-1959)


One response to “LAN @ NYC

  1. !! I am so excited to see you ate here, this has been one of my fave little treasures in NYC since early college (ok, so that’s not THAT long ago). They’ve spiced up the menu a bit and gone through some reincarnations, but glad to see they’re still putting out some rrgf.


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